Costs & Considerations When Replacing the Windows in Your Home


If the windows of your house no longer shields the interior from the harsh elements, enhance the façade of the house, filter out noise, it is time to have them replaced with ones that will not only complement the architecture of your home but also reduce energy bills, promote peace and quiet as well as increase comfort.

Window purchasing is a big commitment hence the need to shop around. Here is a guide that will help you choose replacement windows that meets your needs.

• Choose Your Window Materials

New windows are available in fiberglass, vinyl, aluminium and wood. Wood frames are common for remodels as they give a home a classic look.

Clad frame windows on the other hand have a vinyl or aluminium shell and they are ideal during new construction. The quality of clad ranges from extruded aluminium to roll form aluminium.

Vinyl clad windows are available in different colors and they require less maintenance compared to wood windows, they are cheaper but they do not look as good as wood windows.

Lastly, fiber glass windows are stronger than vinyl but more expensive.

• Select the Glass

There are many window glass options but the location of the house and specific application is the main determinant of the window that will suit you best.

Single pane glass is suitable for areas with mild climates while double glazed with air space between reduces heat loss and they are available in different variation with varying insulation ability.

If you live in a cold area, you should consider triple glazed windows which has two layers of gases hence significantly reduces heat loss. Triple glazed windows save about 3 per cent of heating bill but they are more expensive compared to double glazed and single pane glass windows.

Double glazed and triple glazed windows also provide sound insulation hence ideal for homes facing business streets. Also, well insulated windows do not have condensation issues since the inner glass is close to room temperature which prevents foggy windows that occur when cold air meets with warm air.

• Watch for Energy Efficient Windows

When buying replacement windows, look for the R value which indicates energy efficiency. The higher the value the better the insulation.

The R value of a single pane is 1 while that of a double glazed window can be as high as 4. Triple pane windows have the highest R value ranging from 5-7 depending on the quality.

Equally, the U factor is the rate the window conducts non solar heat flow. The low the U factor, the more energy efficient the window is.

• Choose the window Style

The window style is a personal preference but it is also based on what exists on the home as well as how you want the windows to look like from the inside. The following are a few types you can consider:

• Bay windows

• Sliding windows

• Double Hung Windows

• Casement Windows

Lastly, buy and Install the Windows

Replacing windows is an expensive task which includes the cost of the windows as well as the installation cost. To avoid costly mistakes, you should only hire a professional company.

At Master Glaziers, we are fully certified and we can handle all types of glazing including glass replacement NZ and repair, new glass installation and retrofit double glazing. We focus on the needs of all our customers and we are experienced and well trained which ensures we offer the best glazing solution.

Contact us at today for all your window needs and we will be glad to serve you.


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