Tips to Prevent Windscreen Cracks From Spreading


A cracked windscreen isn’t just ugly, it’s dangerous and possibly illegal. Many motorists believe that a small crack is harmless but, if nothing is done, the crack can spread and make the car unsafe to drive.

The Hazards of a Cracked Windscreen

Many motorists disregard the risks posed by a cracked windscreen, believing that the annoyance is minor and not worthy of immediate attention. However, the experts disagree because they know there are severe implications. In a collision, the screen serves as a shield for the driver and the passenger as it transfers impact down into the car’s chassis and away from the occupants. Therefore, a faulty windscreen will not protect anyone in the event of an accident.

Keeping Cracks From Spreading

As the car is driven, windscreen cracks are a real possibility. Cracks can occur due to the elements or from accidental impact. In many cases, it is not necessary to replace the entire pane of glass if it has a small crack. The owner can take immediate action to prevent the damage from becoming worse, as shown below.

  • Use a glass repair kit as a temporary remedy until the car can be taken in for window repairs in Hamilton.
  • Park the car in shade to reduce the sun’s effects on the windscreen.

Assess the Damage

The owner’s first step should be to determine the extent of the damage and to decide whether it can be repaired. Start by measuring the depth and size of the cracked area. If it is more than two centimetres wide and a third of a metre long, it’s likely that replacement is the only option.

Get the Damage Repaired as Soon as Possible

If it is determined that the crack cannot be contained, the car owner should call a windscreen repair shop right away to prevent further damage to the vehicle and danger to the occupants. Delaying necessary glass repairs in NZ can make problems much worse or even unrepairable. Save the windscreen and avoid total replacement with prompt repairs. Vehicle owners can count on our professionals at Master Glaziers for fast, professional glass repair in Christchurch. You can visit us at for details or to schedule service.


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